There are many ways you can help me with my mod. Help is always appreciated.
If you do help with my mod, I can add you to theĀ curseforge team and share the rewards with you. I can even let you register into the official website.
You can either enter our public IRC channel at called #matteroverdrive or you can contact me on my email:

Quests and Story

With the new quest system, I need someone to help write new quests and the story behind them. More quests means more variety. I can’t write all the quests myself. The wiki could use some information on the different blocks and items as well.

Beta Testing

You can help me test the latest dev. builds for bugs. This is very important as it helps releasing bug-free versions for all to enjoy.


You can help with the coding of new features. You are more than welcome to become a member of the team over at Github.


I myself am a programmer. I try and do most of the art with the experience I have. More and better assets are beneficial to all.


I live in Bulgaria and english is not my first language. Helping with translation would be appreciated. You can see the source code for more info.

Videos / Spotlights

People sometimes do have trouble understanding what to do, or even what is there to do in Matter Overdrive. Any video or spotlights you can make will be very helpful for a lot of people. I will also include your videos in the wiki.

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