So you have more machines that you know what to do with? Worry not!
The boys have detected a funny looking anomaly, something to do with gravitation. But that’s not the fun part. They assure me that they have a way to generate enormous amounts of energy from those things. The problem they say is that anything that goes near that thing, will be thrown all over the place, and if it’s lucky it won’t eat it, just crush every bone in its body and throw it halfway through the world.
So I asked the boys nicely and they came up with this ingenious device Space-Time Equalizer. It will help you to not get crushed by the Anomaly.
As for the energy generation, that’s way out of my league!¬†They made you some Schematics on, How to Build a Fusion Reactor.
The only part I got, was: “the hole is hungry all the time, like some people”. Not sure what they meant by that, but I did get a bit hungry for some Emergency Ration! Love those things.
Anyway, they told me the fatter the hole the bigger the power.