• How Do I Install Matter Overdrive?

    Matter Overdrive is build on Minecraft Forge, so the latest recommended version of Forge is recommended. The mod itself is built on Forge version You will also need the following to be installed before you can run Matter Overdrive:

    Then simply put the mod’s .jar file into your mods folder.

    As of version 0.4.1 Matter Overdrive now implements Google Analytics. They can be disabled in the Matter Overdrive configuration file.

  • Can I use this in my private/public mod pack?

    Yes you can absolutely use it wherever you like. All I ask, is a heads-up.

  • A have an Awesome Idea!

    Goooooood (read with the voice of the Emperor from Star Wars). My Email is Or you can always visit the Issues page and leave a request.

  • It all went wrong! My game crashed!

    Your feedback is appreciated, and you can post a Bug Report. And when it comes to world corruption, I will not be responsible for damage to your worlds.

  • I don’t want to replicate that !

    You can always add the unlocalized name or ore dictionary name to the blacklist in the config file. You can also disable the automatic calculation of matter values in the config as well. See the Configuration Guide for more info.

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