To become an Android, the first thing the player needs is to find a full set of Android Parts. That means a Head, Arms, Legs, and a Chest.

After that, the player needs to find a Mad Scientist. He can only be found in Villages. He will ask the player for the set of Android Parts and will begin the process of Android Transformation.

After the Android Transformation the player WILL DIE.

When the Android Transformation is complete, the player will respawn, and will now be an Android.

That means that he can now use the Android Station to unlock Abilities.

Android Station GUI


When a player is an Android, some of the benefits include:

  • No Hunger.
  • No need for air when in Water.
  • Can’t┬áreceive any harmful potion Effects.
  • Won’t be attacked by '>Rouge Android, unless provoked.

Some of the harmful effects include:

  • Needs the Power to stay alive.
  • Can’t receive any beneficial Potion Effects.
  • Sinks in water
  • Glitches out when damaged
To Charge the android’s energy, just hold a battery or any item that holds RF and can charge, while sneaking.

Androids can also swap parts in the Android Station. They give them benefits from increased health to minimizing the Glitch Effect when getting hurt.

A video, showing the transformation process:

A video, showing some of the Android Abilities:

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