Our preliminary reports suggest small veins of Tritanium Ore, beneath Y level 64. My team assures me, finding them won’t be our biggest problem. The real problem is finding that pesky Dilithium Ore. All our findings suggest concentrations occur below Y level 32. Some serious mining may be required, before finding those stuff.  A Fortune Pick is a must on this mission. The bad thing, we can’t replicate those stuff, or I’ll literally be swimming in it!

Some useful gear the boys showed me, oh and I’ll need them back! Those things ain’t cheap.

  • Matter Scanner. Quite a nifty gadget! It Will definitely be useful but requires a Pattern Storage and some Pattern Drive, to store all the scanned patterns, and if you want, you can use it to read up on any info you need!
    And most importantly, DO NOT PRESS ‘C’ while having a Matter Scanner in your inventory, or you will have a big GUI pop at you. Trust me, those things are quite scary!
  • Phaser. In my opinion, having one of these babies is always useful. You don’t know when you might get in a tight spot, and you can always use it to shut up those loud cows.
  • Phaser Rifle. A weapon, for a real man! I just love the sound that puppy makes.
  • Energy Pack. If you don’t have the resources to upgrade your weapon’s battery, you can always stock up on energy packs.

Let’s say, you found all you need, unlikely I know, but if you do. Seeing as you would be starving, you would want to get the basics up and running, so you can replicate some amazingly delicious and very sustaining, as well as delicious, Emergency Ration, … what? Don’t look at me like that! Now let’s get back to business.

Isolinear Circuit !!! I want you to have at least a stack of these things. The boys can’t stop nagging me about how important these things are. If you ask me, they’re obsessed with them. They’re scattered all over the lab. You can’t walk anywhere, without stepping on one. I’ve squashed a few myself.

Remember the Matter Scanner, you can link it with a Pattern Storage and put a few empty Pattern Drive, and you’ll be good to go. Runoff and scan your favorite blocks. Don’t mind the fact that you’ll destroy them and you’ll need 10 of them, to get to 100 % on the pattern decoding. You can still try and replicate them if you like getting covered in Matter Dust because you’ll be failing left and right if you don’t have the know-how.

You’ve built a Replicator!
Great job! Now you can die happy!
……… Just kidding!
To start using that thing, you’ll need a lot of preparation. It all starts with your first scanned item pattern. You need to store it in a Pattern Drive and stick it in a Pattern Storage. Then you need to connect your Pattern Storage to a Pattern Monitor and finally to your Replicator. Then just use the Pattern Monitor to send a replication command and watch the Replicator do its thing. Just be careful tho! Without a few, let’s say 5 Tritanium Plate in your replicator, you’ll be needing a lot of milk to stop that nasty radiation poisoning! Actually, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, how exactly will milk help you there, but the lab boys said it will. Ah… What do I know?

What !?
It doesn’t work?
Well, of course, dummy! You need something to replicate it from.  You don’t just wish it into existence. Build yourself a Decomposer, and start breaking down that useless cobblestone you have laying around everywhere. It’s disgusting! Once you have enough Matter, you can transfer it either, by Matter Pipe or by placing the Decomposer next to the replicator. Whatever floats your boat!

I know. I know.
You’re tired of using that matter scanner.
You’re not?
Well, never the less, you can connect your Matter Analyzer to you favorite Pattern Storage with some Matter Network Pipe. All you need is a Network Switch in between, to connect them. Then just throw those items into the Matter Analyzer, and don’t worry about a thing! Cause, every little thing is gonna be all right!

The best part though, if you have a Pattern Monitor laying around just hook it up to a Network Switch and order yourself some delicious Emergency Ration, or maybe some hot Earl Gray Tea. I myself can’t stop eating Emergency Ration, and NO. It’s not a problem. Never mind… Just make sure you have some Replicator connected as well, or your word won’t go through anyone. Just like the boys back in the lab, they can be so stubborn sometimes.

So you have more machines that you know what to do with? Worry not!
The boys have detected a funny looking anomaly, something to do with gravitation. But that’s not the fun part. They assure me that they have a way to generate enormous amounts of energy from those things. The problem they say is that anything that goes near that thing, will be thrown all over the place, and if it’s lucky it won’t eat it, just crush every bone in its body and throw it halfway through the world.
So I asked the boys nicely and they came up with this ingenious device Space-Time Equalizer. It will help you to not get crushed by the Anomaly.
As for the energy generation, that’s way out of my league! They made you some Schematics on, How to Build a Fusion Reactor.
The only part I got, was: “the hole is hungry all the time, like some people”. Not sure what they meant by that, but I did get a bit hungry for some Emergency Ration! Love those things.
Anyway, they told me the fatter the hole the bigger the power.

Coming soon !

Coming Soon !