A MOBA type map made with Matter Overdrive.


This map was made using Matter Overdrive 0.4.1 and Forge 1.7.10- It uses Matter Overdrive’s Android spawners to spawn androids with 2 teams “light_side” and “dark_side”. But will work with any teams assigned to the android spawners. The Android will travel from one side of the map to the other by shooting all androids and players from the other team.

Coming Soon !

Coming soon !

So you have more machines that you know what to do with? Worry not!
The boys have detected a funny looking anomaly, something to do with gravitation. But that’s not the fun part. They assure me that they have a way to generate enormous amounts of energy from those things. The problem they say is that anything that goes near that thing, will be thrown all over the place, and if it’s lucky it won’t eat it, just crush every bone in its body and throw it halfway through the world.
So I asked the boys nicely and they came up with this ingenious device Space-Time Equalizer. It will help you to not get crushed by the Anomaly.
As for the energy generation, that’s way out of my league! They made you some Schematics on, How to Build a Fusion Reactor.
The only part I got, was: “the hole is hungry all the time, like some people”. Not sure what they meant by that, but I did get a bit hungry for some Emergency Ration! Love those things.
Anyway, they told me the fatter the hole the bigger the power.

You can always add the unlocalized name or ore dictionary name to the blacklist in the config file. You can also disable the automatic calculation of matter values in the config as well. See the Configuration Guide for more info.

I know. I know.
You’re tired of using that matter scanner.
You’re not?
Well, never the less, you can connect your Matter Analyzer to you favorite Pattern Storage with some Matter Network Pipe. All you need is a Network Switch in between, to connect them. Then just throw those items into the Matter Analyzer, and don’t worry about a thing! Cause, every little thing is gonna be all right!

The best part though, if you have a Pattern Monitor laying around just hook it up to a Network Switch and order yourself some delicious Emergency Ration, or maybe some hot Earl Gray Tea. I myself can’t stop eating Emergency Ration, and NO. It’s not a problem. Never mind… Just make sure you have some Replicator connected as well, or your word won’t go through anyone. Just like the boys back in the lab, they can be so stubborn sometimes.

Your feedback is appreciated, and you can post a Bug Report. And when it comes to world corruption, I will not be responsible for damage to your worlds.

Goooooood (read with the voice of the Emperor from Star Wars). You can always visit the Issues page and leave a request.

Yes you can absolutely use it wherever you like. All I ask, is a heads-up.

Matter Overdrive is built on Minecraft Forge, so the latest recommended.

Then simply put the mod’s .jar file into your mods folder.

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