Our preliminary reports suggest small veins of Tritanium Ore, beneath Y level 64. My team assures me, finding them won’t be our biggest problem. The real problem is finding that pesky Dilithium Ore. All our findings suggest concentrations occur below Y level 32. Some serious mining may be required, before finding those stuff.  A Fortune Pick is a must on this mission. The bad thing, we can’t replicate those stuff, or I’ll literally be swimming in it!

Some useful gear the boys showed me, oh and I’ll need them back! Those things ain’t cheap.

  • Matter Scanner. Quite a nifty gadget! It Will definitely be useful but requires a Pattern Storage and some Pattern Drive, to store all the scanned patterns, and if you want, you can use it to read up on any info you need!
    And most importantly, DO NOT PRESS ‘C’ while having a Matter Scanner in your inventory, or you will have a big GUI pop at you. Trust me, those things are quite scary!
  • Phaser. In my opinion, having one of these babies is always useful. You don’t know when you might get in a tight spot, and you can always use it to shut up those loud cows.
  • Phaser Rifle. A weapon, for a real man! I just love the sound that puppy makes.
  • Energy Pack. If you don’t have the resources to upgrade your weapon’s battery, you can always stock up on energy packs.