• Fixed Data Pad GUI
  • New Omni Tool weapon/tool
  • Weapon System overhauled
    • new Phaser model
    • more sounds
    • new improved effect
    • new accuracy system
    • fixed server clients now seeing phaser fire
  • Fixed desyncing of Phaser Rifle shots between client and server
  • Performance improvements on Gravitational anomalies and Matter Network machines
  • Redstone mode on machines now works
  • Gravitational anomaly improvements
    • Anomaly now has realistic gravity with a distance squared falloff
    • Now has a minimal event horizon of 1 block. Makes it easier to swallow items when small.
    • Fixed Gravitational anomalies destroying blocks even when stabilized
    • Blocks that are further away are harder to destroy
    • Anomalies can now be collapsed by nether stars
  • Updated forge to
  • Fixed machines not dropping inventory
  • Fixed Matter Registry not saving to file
  • Androids now respawn with a full battery
  • Lots of new decorative blocks
  • New yellow android pill for resetting android abilities
  • Android pills now can be replicated
  • Android transformation is now not deadly in hardcore mode
  • New ingame command for adding items to the Matter Registry

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