• Added Gravitational Anomaly (Black Holes)
  • Added Fusion Reactor (Multi-Block Power Generation)
  • Added '>Recycler for refining Matter Dusts
  • All Machines can now be claimed and secured with Security Protocols
  • Added redstone control for all machines
  • Matter Registration now done only when recipes change, and loaded from disk
  • Added config for disabling version checking
  • All machines can now be disassembled with Wrenches
  • Added new Tritanium Wrench
  • Added Space-Time Equalizer for negating Gravitational Anomalies, can be worn as a chest-peace
  • Added Gravitational Stabilizer for stabilizing Gravitational Anomalies
  • All Machines can now be rotated
  • Matter Scanner now has a Scanning Info Hologram, and can scan living entities

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