• Set maximum wrench stack size to 1 (simeon)
  • Fix dismantling of blocks by checking player ID instead of name (simeon)
  • Add Star Map zoom level (simeon)
  • Add Thermal Expansion Pulverizer compatibility¬†(shadowfacts)
  • Fix Data Watcher ID (simeon)
  • Add Ex Nihilo Sieve compatibility (shadowfacts)
  • Add EnderIO SAG Mill compatibility (shadowfacts)
  • Hide NEI in the Star Map GUI (shadowfacts)
  • Fix Transporter English localization (shadowfacts)
  • Add more Rogue Android spawn biomes, allows Rogue Androids to spawn in RWG biomes (simeon)
  • Start WAILA compatibility (simeon & shadowfacts)
  • Split nanobot android ability into two branches (simeon)
  • Add android attack ability (simeon)

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