• Fixed Some Server Crashes
  • Fixed Mod Compatibility, now Computercraft and Waila are no longer dependencies
  • More Computercraft and Open Computers Integration
  • Added whole bunch of new config options from machine energy use to dimension blacklisting
  • More Starmap World, can now claim planets and ships require ship factories.
  • New Android Abilities, such as Cloak and Nightvision
  • Abilities are now either passive or active
  • Added new Ability Wheel for choosing active ability easily
  • Fixed Server Starmap Camera flickering
  • New block Charging Station, for charging Android Players
  • Machine Rendering Optimizations
  • Ores now spawn in all dimensions except ones listed in the blacklist
  • Shield Ability now takes more power
  • New Weapon Module: Healing Barrel
  • More Phaser hit effects dependant on used modules
  • Mad Scientist now has Matter Overdrive specific trades
  • The Weapon Module: Incendiary Filter now lights flammable blocks on fire
  • Health now displayed on the Android HUD
  • New Blue Pill and Red Pill for easy Android transformations. Can be found in stronghold chests and are sold by the Mad Scientist
  • Matter Overdrive now only supports Java 8 and above

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