Hotfix 2

  • Fixed Entity ID Duplication
  • Fixed Matter Registration Crashes
  • Added Debug Options to Config
  • Fixed Machine Options now working
  • Added Entity ID options to Config


  • Matter Plasma is now a forge fluid
  • Fixed some server crashes
  • Removed matter from TE buckets
  • Fixed Router GUI
  • Fixed Version Checking Crashing


  • New animations on the Matter Analyzer and Matter Recycler
  • Matter Network optimizations
  • Matter Analyzer will not analyze items that are fully analyzed in the Network
  • Lots more config Options
  • Mod Blacklisting for Recipe Matter Calculation
  • Matter Network Filters (Network Flash Drive)
  • Rewritten comprehensive API
  • All kinds of API events
  • Fixed Pattern Monitor GUI
  • New Holographic Sign
  • a bunch of changed recipes
  • Mater Registration Improvements (Linear Registration and a lot more ore dictionary items)
  • Increased Matter Transfer between machines
  • Lowered Replicator and Decomposer fail rate
  • New Energy and Matter Storage Upgrades
  • Increased Replication Speed drastically for higher amounts of matter
  • New Phaser Rifle Weapon
  • Weapon System overhaul
  • Weapon GUI for Android players
  • Fixed Crash when putting unused weapon in Weapon Station
  • New Energy Packs for easy weapon reloading
  • Added matter Overdrive Ores to Ore Dictionary
  • Improved Transporter GUI and increased Upgrade slot count
  • New Hyper speed upgrade
  • New Transport Flash Drive for loading Transporter locations easily
  • Weapons are now enchantable
  •  New Enchantment Overclock
  • New Command for Forcing Recipe Matter ReCaluclation
  • New Dialog System with Mad Scientist
  • New Tritanium Glass

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