Hotfix 1

  • Fixed Android Abilities not working properly with multiple androids in SMP.


  • Removed matter fuel calculation.
  • Fixed Android Energy duplicate ID.
  • Some rendering optimizations.
  • Matter Storage upgrade now affects the Replicator.
  • Fixed speed dropping to 0 with 2 or more Hyper Speed Upgrades.
  • New Data Pad that provides information and guides on Matter Overdrive.
  • Added config for Gravitational Anomaly entity pulling and block destruction.
  • Organized config options (may need a config rebuild).
  • Fixed multiple Energy pack consumption.
  • Fixed Damage reduction of  the Nano Armour ability.
  • The Android Ability Use Key can now be mapped to the mouse.
  • Fixed Charging station Bounding box.
  • Fixed Icons (can now be re-textured with higher resolution).
  • Rouge Android Parts can now be warn by Androids in the Android Station.
  • Rouge Androids now increase max Health.
  • New Tritanium Spine part. Can be warn by Androids.
  • Android HUD config options for position and color.
  • New Minimap ability.
  • Implemented Tritanium Nuggets
  • More info on Fusion Reactor Controller
  • Updated forge to

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