Let’s say, you found all you need, unlikely I know, but if you do. Seeing as you would be starving, you would want to get the basics up and running, so you can replicate some amazingly delicious and very sustaining, as well as delicious, Emergency Ration, … what? Don’t look at me like that! Now let’s get back to business.

Isolinear Circuit !!! I want you to have at least a stack of these things. The boys can’t stop nagging me about how important these things are. If you ask me, they’re obsessed with them. They’re scattered all over the lab. You can’t walk anywhere, without stepping on one. I’ve squashed a few myself.

Remember the Matter Scanner, you can link it with a Pattern Storage and put a few empty Pattern Drive, and you’ll be good to go. Runoff and scan your favorite blocks. Don’t mind the fact that you’ll destroy them and you’ll need 10 of them, to get to 100 % on the pattern decoding. You can still try and replicate them if you like getting covered in Matter Dust because you’ll be failing left and right if you don’t have the know-how.