You’ve built a Replicator!
Great job! Now you can die happy!
……… Just kidding!
To start using that thing, you’ll need a lot of preparation. It all starts with your first scanned item pattern. You need to store it in a Pattern Drive and stick it in a Pattern Storage. Then you need to connect your Pattern Storage to a Pattern Monitor and finally to your Replicator. Then just use the Pattern Monitor to send a replication command and watch the Replicator do its thing. Just be careful tho! Without a few, let’s say 5 Tritanium Plate in your replicator, you’ll be needing a lot of milk to stop that nasty radiation poisoning! Actually, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, how exactly will milk help you there, but the lab boys said it will. Ah… What do I know?

What !?
It doesn’t work?
Well, of course, dummy! You need something to replicate it from. ¬†You don’t just wish it into existence. Build yourself a Decomposer, and start breaking down that useless cobblestone you have laying around everywhere. It’s disgusting! Once you have enough Matter, you can transfer it either, by Matter Pipe or by placing the Decomposer next to the replicator. Whatever floats your boat!